I have thoroughly and thoughtfully enjoyed the writings of C.S. Lewis since I was a kid. As with many people, I was first introduced to Lewis reading the Chronicles of Narnia (or rather having them read to me by my Dad at bedtime). C.S Lewis is a master of fantasy that floats between allegory and myth. He has a remarkably simple way of expanding his inner thoughts into creatures, landscapes, and in the case of The Space Trilogy, an other-worldly sci-fi adventure.
For my illustration class, the project was to "re-cover" a trilogy of books by the same author and make the design congruent across all three. I hunted around for some previous covers of "The Space Trilogy" and found some fun interpretations but nothing felt new, modern, or colorful enough to match the wonderful stories within, so I decided to make my own. These were not published or sold by Macmillan - they are a personal project.
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