I did 25 daily advent illustrations leading up to Christmas this year. It was a great way for me to stop each day, reflect, and experience a small thrill of hope just as a child expectantly awaits Christmas - with joy and wonder.          Follow me on Instagram
Making Room / Prepare The Way
Ancient Of Days
Long Awaited Visitation
The Word Became Flesh
The Magnificat / Mary's Song
Illusion Of Power
The Lowly King
Shepherds / Heaven and Earth Adore 
Bethlehem's Supernatural Star 
The Magi / Kings Will Come To The Brightness Of Your Dawn
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
The Righteous Branch / Good Promise
The Law, The Prophets, and The New Covenant
Man Of Sorrows
The Way
Replacing The Shadows
Death Is Conquered
Mountains Laid Low
I Chose You
Abundant Life / Living Water
The Wait Is Over And The Gift Is Free
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